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Caledonia Area Cooking Classes and Registration Information

March-September 2024


Caledonia cooking classes are

and are held from 6:30-9pm

unless otherwise specified.

Please print out the Registration Form 
(located above and also at the bottom of this page)
and mail it along with your payment 

to the address listed on the form.



Tropical Twist
Thursday, March 7
Ya mon! we gonna try some recipes with a Jamaican/Caribbean flair! Fresh bold flavors and wonderful aromas make this a class not to miss. You’ll sample...
Jerk Chicken Egg Rolls with Mango-Habenero Sauce
Tortilla-lime Crusted Fish on bed of Lime-scented Arugala
served with Homemade Tortilla Chips and Caribbean Salsa
Semi-homemade Jamaican Rum cake


Deep Dish Pizza and more...
Thursday, April 4
Even though I'm sure there are plenty of people who love deep dish pizzas, this food is controversial to other people. Since this pizza has a thick bread crust and is covered in copious amounts of sauce, some people think that it’s more of tomato pie and isn’t a true Neapolitan pizza. I, for one, refuse to take a side on this age-old debate and instead want to introduce you to a holiday called National Deep Dish Pizza Day. This day falls on April 5th annually and is sure to not only bring joy to deep dish pizza lovers but also disdain from those who oppose this food. Where do you fall in the deep dish pizza debate? I guess we'll find out tonight when I prepare...
Classic Pizza Shop Salad with Fried Salami and Italian Vinaigrette
Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza
Gooey Deep-dish Individual Chocolate Chip Cookies with Ice Cream


Thursday, May 2
May is National Beef Month and retailers everywhere offer great savings to boost their sales. 
So now is the best time to expand your beef recipes from pot roast and burgers to something better! I'm going to bring you a whole menu perfect for entertaining. You'll sample...
Shrimp Scampi Dip with Baguette Chips
Pan-Seared & Butter-Basted Steak
Sweet Potato Hash
No-bake Key Lime Parfaits


Pacific Island Getaway
Thursday, June 6
While not the most popular Asian cuisine, it is gaining in popularity. Filipino food is a mix of Southeast Asian and Spanish.
It’s even been influenced by other historically Spanish colonies such as Mexico — you’ll find tomatoes, chili, and corn are
widespread ingredients throughout the Philippines. Tonight we'll sample a few of the most famous Filipino dishes such as...
Spicy Tofu Cubes
Filipino Pork Kabobs with Spicy Vinegar Dip
Sweet Coconut & Garlic Fried Rice
Turon (Filipino Banana Spring Roll)


Summer Supper
Thursday, August 8 
Try these late summer show-stopping recipes at your next gathering. Tonite you'll sample...
Pimento-stuffed Deviled Eggs
Pork Tips in Mushroom Madiera Sauce
Twice Baked Potato Boats
Upside Down Apple Puffs


Thursday, September 5 
Tex-Mex is a blending of Northern Mexico and Southern Texas flavors and was perfected in the San Antonio area.
Sample some of the favorites that have made this a world wide cuisine. We’ll start with some...
Loaded Guac with Grilled Corn and Bacon
Shredded Beef Chimichangas with Green chile Sauce served with
Sweet Corn Cake
Chocolate and Chile Chess Pie





Please print out the Registration Form and mail it along with your payment 
to the address listed on the form.
This is for Caledonia area cooking classes only.
You register for all other cooking class locations directly with those locations.
Please see the "Cooking Class" page of this website
for the topic & registration information for all other locations.

All Caledonia classes are held at...

St. Mesrob Church
4605 Erie St.
 Racine, WI 53402

For questions please email me at Staci@cookingwithclass.us